M&C Gallery

174 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, 2011-2012. (Designers: Fangzhou Lydia Song and Peter Lynch. Project Architect: Tao Wei. Architectural Design team: Zhiwei Lai, Kimberly McCleary, Shengyi Pu, Ahti Westphal)

facade: hammered brass and solid granite
facade: roll-up security gate in hidden track. near the entrance door, a shrine enclosure
facade detail. entrance door enclosure: steel plate
facade detail
partial horizontal section through storefront
vertical section through entrance showing mechanism for door pull/doorbell
front gallery, view to street
front gallery
ceiling detail
detail, granite floor of entry vestibule. door is rotated for feng shui
display cabinet in front gallery. cabinet doors: teak and travertine
front gallery. cabinet doors: teak and silk fabric. teak folding doors enclose the guqin pavilion
interior elevations of front gallery
interior of guqin pavilion
guqin pavilion
passage between inner salon and front gallery
view through guqin pavilion to front gallery
view from inner salon to entrance gallery. custom light fixtures
custom light fixtures
detail, custom light fixtures. elements incorporate spotlights and uplights
brass “butterfly hinge” at salon cabinet
display niche, salon cabinet
detail of salon cabinet. some cabinet doors unfold to create additional display niches
salon cabinet
hidden bookshelves in salon