Villa for an Industrialist

Shenzhen, 2007-2009 (with Ahlaiya Yung)

Published in Marc Kristal, Re:Crafted (New York: Monacelli Press, April 2010),

Martin Bechthold, Anthony Kane, Nathan King, Ceramic Material Systems in Architecture and Interior Design (Birkhauser, August 2015), p. 158-161

Hyperbolic light fixture/”canopy dome” in foyer
Detail of hyperbolic light fixture/”canopy dome”
Lattice dome over entry vestibule
View from below lattice dome in entry vestibule. Collapsible dome beyond
Lattice dome seen from above
Detail of lattice dome
Study, reflected ceiling plan. Acoustically absorbent ceiling tiles
View from living room to foyer
First floor reflected ceiling plan. Every room has a different ceiling structure
View from living room to foyer (construction photo)
Detail of living room ceiling
Reflected ceiling plan and details, latticework suspended ceiling in living room
Detail of dining room and living room ceilings
Sketch of living room ceiling lattice. Pattern inspired by Cyril Stanley Smith, A Search for Structure (1981)
Dining room ceiling, woven rattan. In China, handicraft knowledge coexists with industrial knowledge
Dining room with chandelier
View of upper foyer
View from stairs to collapsible dome in upper foyer (construction photo)
Collapsible dome in upper foyer
Collapsible dome, view from below
Collapsible dome, reflected ceiling plan
Detail of collapsible dome
Upper foyer, view of lattice dome below
Upper foyer, view of library
Detail of library shelving system
Library spindles
Library shelving system
Second floor reflected ceiling plan
“Seamless” plaster dome over bed, second floor bedroom
Lower foyer
View into entertainment room. Marble+glass tile floor. Custom high-relief glazed wall tiles.
Ground-floor entertainment room. Branching columns have integrated lighting
Panorama of ground-level entertainment room
Entrance to entertainment room. Custom high-relief, slip-cast glazed wall tiles. In order to tile the doubly-curved surface of the ceiling cove, each ascending course of plus-shaped tiles is rotated slightly more than the lower course
High-relief glazed wall tiles. Ceiling cove hides air conditioning registers
Custom slip-cast glazed wall tiles
Detail of custom slip-cast tiles at ceiling cove
Detail of custom slip-cast tiles at ceiling cove
Detail of slip-cast tiles at bar
Partial view of marble and glass tile floor