Building Culture PLA

upper hallway, “Villa for an Industrialist,” Shenzhen, 2010

… a Stockholm-based company, offers design services and conducts research in architecture, urbanism, and building technology. Architectural projects are highly detailed – focused on materials, methods, and spatial character. Urban research is focused on new tools for design and analysis. Urban design work is focused on microparks that extend our encounter with, and understanding of, nature. Building technology research is focused on low-embodied-energy construction systems and new ways to incorporate craft into everyday life. Peter Lynch, principal, has engaged in professional practice, academic research, building systems prototyping, and design and fabrication of building components since 1991.

New Methods & Materials for Timber Construction (2017-ongoing)

Villa for an Industrialist, Shenzhen, 2007-2009 (with Ahlaiya Yung)

M&C Gallery, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, 2011-2012 (with Fangzhou Lydia Song)

Klett Kindergarten, Beijing, 2014 (with Fangzhou Lydia Song)

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